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Topical Metaphors



One of the writing skill that I am impressed with when I see it is a well formed, well placed metaphor. The sad thing is when I see an ill conceived metaphor (which I am too often guilty of creating), I get annoyed.

I call well conceived metaphors ‘Topical Metaphors’ because the metaphors fits the context on as many levels as possible.

Imagine a setting, in an home, entire family is there. Grandparents, children, grandchildren, pets, great food. It is Thanksgiving. The meal is being consumed. The conversation turns to a recent federal election. Most in the family avoid the topic, but a few engage it, with differing points of view. The conversation becomes heated.

In the ensuing argument, someone says to another ‘You’re as dumb as a brick.” A cliche to be sure but think about it as a metaphor. It is way out of place. The brick has nothing to do with the setting, the meal. Would not it not be better if the metaphor read, ‘Grandpa grabbed his knife, pointing at the turkey, shouting at his son, ‘You’re head’s as stuffed as that turkey’.

Now, admittedly, not a great metaphor, it could be written better. That aside, it is fits the setting. The son’s head is filled with nonsense, and the turkey is as dead as his politics.

The metaphor is deeper, more meaningful, because it fits the setting. It is topical.

Retiring on the Couch

I retire in six weeks. I am concerned what my lifestyle will become. I admit I am lazy by nature. I work only when I have to. My wife of nearly forty-one years once told me I am either on or off. I work hard when I have too. Beyond that, leave me alone. I will lie on the couch and vegetate, usually multitasking between my iPad, (either reading or playing Tribez) and whatever is on television. It occurred to me over the last few days that if I continue behaving as I have in the past, my weight will explode and I will atrophy.

On the other hand, I have a goal, more a dream, to live long enough to see my youngest grandchild become a parent. If I am able to live that long, God willing, I will be somewhere around eighty-five, about twenty years from now. My fifth grandchild will be born this coming July, a grandson yet to be named. Perhaps he will become someone whose name is never spoken. It has happened before, but I pray not. But I want to see his children. If I am blessed with another grandchild, say in two years, then I will add two years to my dream.

Therefore, I need to create a schedule and stick to it. I need to become productive, or, rather, remain productive. I have been considering getting a part-time job, just to get me out of the house. I need to get to the gym on a regular basis. I want to work on my genealogy, something I enjoy.

But more importantly, I want to read and write more. I want to blog, but I have no idea why I feel I need to. If you ever want to follow my blog (why you would want to is beyond me), I plan on posted at least once week, perhaps twice, depending on my thoughts. The posts will mostly be about what I am reading or writing. I am considering putting up quotes from my work in progress, mainly to motivate me to write. Or posts about The Iron Writer Challenge.

I realize of course, that most blogs go unread. I mean, be honest. If I read every blog from every writer I have met on line, I would not have time to write this blog, let alone write my stories. So, I hope my posts will be short, ones that can be read in less than a minute, but worth the time to read, if only for myself. I write for myself anyway.

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