Amerigo “Uncle” SamuelUncle Sam

Born September 13, 1812 (circa) – Died June 16, 2015

Amerigo “Uncle” Samuel passed away quietly in his sleep, alone, at sunrise, June 16, 2016, in his residence near the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The only child of Jonathan and Columbia, Italian immigrants, Amerigo was born near Troy, New York, sometime during 1812.

At an early age, Uncle Samuel worked for his uncle, Samuel Wilson, for whom he was named, in a meat packing business, supplying rations to soldiers involved in the War of 1812. His efforts at such a young age became a family legend.

Renown for his work ethic, Amerigo symbolized and exemplified his nation’s government and power throughout the world with everyone he met. His image and his example forever ingrained in the American psyche, Samuel was often portrayed as a figure of dignity and integrity. His life was depicted in countless newspaper and magazine articles. Samuel appeared in many movies, often as a character actor, for which he was well suited.

Determined and courageous, he fought many conflicts during his life, from the Revolutionary War that freed his parents, through the War of 1812 where he gained notoriety for his bravery, to the deep and painful struggles with the many deep wounds of the 19th Century, to numerous wars in the 20th, some of which he regretted, feeling he was forced into campaigns that were against his nature.

A strong public figure, the original Yankee Doodle, he lived an extraordinarily long and fruitful life, until the 1960’s, when his countless surviving children forced him into retirement.

Suffering from dementia, he spent his final days in home near the National Mall. He could be found muttering silently to himself in his rocking chair most days, as many of his children scurried past in pursuit of lost life, liberty and happiness.

He is preceded in death by his wife Forgiveness and his children, Respect, Patience, Love and Civility. He is survived by his children Selfishness (Pride), Hate (Anger), Cruelty (Intolerance), Poverty (Slavery), and Greed (Avarice).

Samuel is being cremated. The family does not plan any services, but in lieu of flowers, they do request donations to your favorite PAC, in memoriam.