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Gods and Goddesses in Embyro

Imagine if you can a time, eons ago beyond present memory, when you existed in some form other than you do at this moment, sitting where you are, reading this blog. Nothing more than a thought. You drifted amongst the solar wind endlessly, aware only of yourself and nothing else. You were utterly alone.

Then you sensed something, something distant and far away. A light, perhaps. A light in the complete darkness calling to you. You are drawn to it without seeing it.

As you move forward, your mind expands. Your senses find life. You feel, see, hear. Knowledge floods your consciousness. You discover wonders beyond imagination. Stars, planets, creation.

And you realize a truth. You are nothing. Nothing more than an empty seed, wandering without direction or purpose, until the light reached out to you. You are worthless by comparison. 

Emotion overwhelms you and yet, you sense you can became like the light itself. But there is danger. If you try and fail, you become less than you are in the attempt.

Is it worth the risk?

For intelligences like you, who accept the challenge fraught with risk. The sharing of such power with any not capable of restraint is disastrous. A testing place is created,to find who is worthy and who is not. Who will be given the power and welcomed into the council of the Gods. 

You accept the price. 

Your journey continues. Your evolution involves many changes. You struggle is seemingly endless.

Finally, when you are ready (or so you believe) the final test arrives. All memory is stripped away and you find yourself where you are, right now, at this very moment. A mere mortal on a planet, one of countless planets the light has created.

You do not know  your very purpose or why you even exist. You are as you were in the beginning. Alone again, for the first time it seems. 

You are, nevertheless, here.

This power, this control, is at your fingertips. Only death separates you from your goal.

What will you do to obtain it?

What will do you do with such power?

Will you condemn or pardon?

Whether or not you achieve what you set out to accomplish is revealed in your choices.

What did you do today, with the power you already have?

Separating the Wheat from the Terrors


In context of the Brussels attack today, as well as the immigration conduit leading to the continuing onslaught of terrorism, I hurt. I am torn and bewildered. The problem, as I see it, is how to separate the actual terrorists from those fleeing terrorism. We have all seen the images, the Facebook memes condemning those escaping the carnage in their homeland. Some in the media (and out) would have us believe all these ravaged people are really terrorist. Every. One. Of. Them. It seems impossible.

While I am naive, I am not so naive as to accept that belief. I realize there are many immigrants who are really terrorist using fear to spread their hate. I do believe that. But how does one, anyone, determine that eighteen year old young man clutching a starving child is truly what we fear? How do we separate the wheat from the tares?

I do not like waxing religious. I have traveled that path. I have been (and still am to some degree) an apologist for my own faith. That is my choice. That said, I have learned one thing that answers this conundrum for me.

It comes from the Book of Mormon.  Many of you may not accept that tome as scripture (I do), but please go along with me on this for a moment. It does not matter if the Bok of Mormon is scripture or not in the context I am writing about. It does not matter if one is Christian or not. What matters is what happened. I am considering a single resolution, taught in the Book of Mormon that I see as the only thing that will solve this Gordian Knot.

In the Book of Mormon, there is a prophet called Alma. He was the chief judge of the nation to which he belonged. He could not control what his society was doing to themselves. No laws seemed to work as all laws were being ignored (sound familiar?). The people were so consumed in pride, in their avarice, they were destroying themselves. Hatred seemed to rule.

So Alma took a drastic step. He resigned his position of leadership and took to the field to preach Christ. You can read about it here.

Again, I do not like to preach. And I accept the posit that religion, any religion or none for that matter, is not needed for a person to be good. I agree with that. But I long for the place where there are no laws because no laws are needed. I see Christ as the only answer, the only response. Or at least, Christ like behavior.

Yet, in a world past feeling, I know I will never see that in my life.

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